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re: Public/proprietary Inferno/Java

We will keep all the application source we build publicly
available. You can expect a steady stream of new tools and
applications that help you design, write and debug limbo
applications. I beleive this policy is substantially more
liberal than many of the Java vendors who try to make money
from tools.

The documentation will be improved as rapidly as possible.
We have tried to make VM specification, OS spec etc. as
open as possible while not giving away our implementation.
We are licensing source to Universities and companies
right now. We accept and implement requests for features

Java is more open - no doubt. Lucent will is afraid of
microsoft Java. I see ActiveX, COM and Java+native methods
in almost all non applet (large) programs. If you write a big
app it seems you have to delve below the Java runtime.
I believe the most valuable property of inferno is the same
look and feel everywhere (compare that to AWT) and absolute
trasportability of apps.