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NM(I)                        8/20/73                        NM(I)

     nm  -  print name list

     nm [ -cnrupg ] [ name ]

     Nm prints the symbol table from the output file of an assem-
     bler or loader run.  Each symbol name  is  preceded  by  its
     value  (blanks if undefined) and one of the letters U (unde-
     fined) A (absolute) T (text segment symbol), D (data segment
     symbol),  B  (bss segment symbol), or C (common symbol).  If
     the symbol is local (non-external) the  type  letter  is  in
     lower case.  The output is sorted alphabetically.

     If no file is given, the symbols in a.out are listed.

     Options are:

     -c  list only C-style external symbols, that is those begin-
         ning with underscore `_'.

     -g  print only global (external) symbols

     -n  sort by value instead of by name

     -p  don't sort; print in symbol-table order

     -r  sort in reverse order

     -u  print only undefined symbols.



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