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MAIL(I)                      2/21/75                      MAIL(I)

     mail  -  send mail to designated users

     mail [ -yn ] [ person ... ]

     Mail  with  no argument searches for a file called prints it
     if it is nonempty, then asks if it should be saved.  If  the
     answer is y, the mail is added to mbox.  Finally is truncat-
     ed to zero length.  To  leave  the  mailbox  untouched,  hit
     `delete.'   The question can be answered on the command line
     with the argument `-y' or `-n'.

     When persons are named, mail takes the standard input up  to
     an  end of file and adds it to each person's file.  The mes-
     sage is preceded by the sender's name and a postmark.

     A person is either a user name recognized by login(I),  in
     which case the mail is sent to the default working directory
     of that user; or the path name of a directory, in which case
     in that directory is used.

     When  a user logs in he is informed of the presence of mail.
     No mail will be received from a sender to whom is inaccessi-
     ble or unwritable.

     /etc/passwd    to identify sender and locate persons
     /etc/utmp to identify sender
     .mail          input mail
     mbox      saved mail
     /tmp/m#   temp file



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