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TROFF(I)                     4/15/75                     TROFF(I)

     troff  -  format text

     troff [ +n ] [ -n ] [ -sn ] [ -nn ] [ -ran ] [ -mname ] [ -t
     ] [ -f ] [ -w ] [ -a ] [ -pn ] files

     Troff formats text for a Graphic Systems phototypesetter ac-
     cording  to  control  lines  embedded in the text files.  It
     reads the standard input if no file arguments are given.  An
     argument  of  just  ``-'' refers to the standard input.  The
     non-file option arguments are interpreted as follows:

     +n        Commence typesetting at the first page numbered  n
               or larger.

     -n        Stop after page n.

     -sn       Print  output  in  groups of n pages, stopping the
               typesetter after each group.

     -nn       First generated (not necessarily printed) page  is
               given the number n; simulates ``.pn n''.

     -ran      Set number register a to the value n.

     -mname    Prepends  a  standard  macro file; simulates ``.so

     -t        Place output on standard  output  instead  of  the

     -f        Refrain  from  feeding  out paper and stopping the
               phototypesetter at the end.

     -w        Wait until phototypesetter is available,  if  cur-
               rently busy.

     -a        Send  a  printable approximation of the results to
               the standard output.

     -pn       Print all characters with point-size n  while  re-
               taining all prescribed spacings and motions.

     /usr/lib/suftab suffix hyphenation tables
     /tmp/rtm?       temporary
     /usr/lib/tmac.* standard macro files

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TROFF(I)                     4/15/75                     TROFF(I)

     TROFF User's Manual (internal memorandum).
     TROFF Made Trivial (internal memorandum).
     nroff(I), eqn(I), catsim(VI)


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