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BJ(VI)                       3/15/72                       BJ(VI)

     bj - the game of black jack


     Bj is a serious attempt at simulating the dealer in the game
     of black jack (or twenty-one) as might  be  found  in  Reno.
     The following rules apply:

     The bet is $2 every hand.

          A player `natural' (black jack) pays $3.  A dealer nat-
          ural loses $2.  Both dealer and player  naturals  is  a
          `push' (no money exchange).

          If  the  dealer has an ace up, the player is allowed to
          make an `insurance' bet against the chance of a  dealer
          natural.   If  this  bet  is not taken, play resumes as
          normal.  If the bet is taken, it is a  side  bet  where
          the player wins $2 if the dealer has a natural and los-
          es $1 if the dealer does not.

          If the player is dealt two cards of the same value,  he
          is  allowed  to  `double'.   He  is allowed to play two
          hands, each with one of these cards.  (The bet is  dou-
          bled also; $2 on each hand.)

          If a dealt hand has a total of ten or eleven, the play-
          er may `double down'.  He may double the bet ($2 to $4)
          and receive exactly one more card on that hand.

          Under  normal  play, the player may `hit' (draw a card)
          as long as his total is not over  twenty-one.   If  the
          player  `busts' (goes over twenty-one), the dealer wins
          the bet.

          When the player `stands'  (decides  not  to  hit),  the
          dealer  hits  until  he attains a total of seventeen or
          more.  If the dealer busts, the player wins the bet.

          If both player and  dealer  stand,  the  one  with  the
          largest total wins.  A tie is a push.

     The  machine deals and keeps score.  The following questions
     will be asked at appropriate times.  Each  question  is  an-
     swered  by  y  followed by a new line for `yes', or just new
     line for `no'.

     ?    (means, ``do you want a hit?'')
     Double down?

     Every time the deck is shuffled, the dealer  so  states  and

                              - 1 -

BJ(VI)                       3/15/72                       BJ(VI)

     the  `action' (total bet) and `standing' (total won or lost)
     is printed.  To exit, hit the interrupt key  (DEL)  and  the
     action and standing will be printed.


                              - 2 -