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CREF(I)                       2/5/73                      CREF(I)

     cref  -  make cross reference listing

     cref [ -acilostux123 ] name ...

     Cref makes a cross reference listing of program files in as-
     sembler or C format. The files named  as  arguments  in  the
     command  line  are  searched  for symbols in the appropriate

     The output report is in four columns:

     (1)  (2)  (3)  (4)
     symbol    file see  text as it appears in file

     Cref uses either an ignore file or an only file.  If the  -i
     option  is given, the next argument is taken to be an ignore
     file; if the -o option is given, the next argument is  taken
     to be an only file.  Ignore and only files are lists of sym-
     bols separated by new lines.  All symbols in an ignore  file
     are ignored in columns (1) and (3) of the output.  If an on-
     ly file is given, only symbols in that file appear in column
     (1).   At  most  one  of -i and -o may be used.  The default
     setting is -i.  Assembler predefined symbols or  C  keywords
     are ignored.

     The  -s option causes current symbols to be put in column 3.
     In the assembler, the current symbol is the most recent name
     symbol;  in  C,  the  current  function name.  The -l option
     causes the line number within the file to be put  in  column

     The  -t option causes the next available argument to be used
     as the name of the intermediate temporary file  (instead  of
     /tmp/crt??).   The file is created and is not removed at the
     end of the process.


       a  assembler format (default)
       c  C format input
       i  use ignore file (see above)
       l  put line number in col. 3 (instead of current symbol)
       o  use only file (see above)
       s  current symbol in col. 3 (default)
       t  user supplied temporary file
       u  print only symbols that occur exactly once
       x  print only C external symbols
       1  sort output on column 1 (default)
       2  sort output on column 2
       3  sort output on column 3

                              - 1 -

CREF(I)                       2/5/73                      CREF(I)

     /tmp/crt??      temporaries
     /usr/lib/aign   default assembler ignore file
     /usr/lib/cign   default C ignore file
     /usr/bin/crpost post processor
     /usr/bin/upost  post processor for -u option
     /bin/sort       used to sort temporaries

     as(I), cc(I)


                              - 2 -