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Re: Lucent Technologies & Sun Microsystems

>You forgot "slow" "overpriced" and "server bound."  NC systems not only
have to overcome using inexpensive, slower commodity processors, almost
all of the NC plays beyond MS/Intel involve a VM-like solution to
compatibility, putting an already behind-in-performance system even
further to the rear.

Well, it's not inconceivable that an NC system (at least running native) *could* 
have acceptable performance.  The problem is that they won't, since they're 
going to be running (it would appear) Java, and Java comes with a very heavy 
performance penalty.  What's more, it's ludicrous to have to download every 
program you want to run.  The fact is that PCs are **very** cost-effective, and 
a lot of that is due to the huge production volumes in that architecture.  I 
simply don't think that the NC is going to be significantly cheaper!  Heck, the 
PC motherboards only cost $100-200, with a CPU (unless you really go high end) 
and just about everything else is going to be (and cost!) the same on an NC as 
on a PC!  So even if the NC eliminated the PC motherboard and CPU *entirely* it 
would only bring down the cost by $100-200.  Which isn't nearly enough to 
compensate for the hugely reduced functionality and expandability/upgradeability 
compared to a PC.

>I like the NC concept -- it's time for a whole new generation to learn
first-hand why time-sharing systems of the late-70s/early-80s were a bad
thing, because people who should know better seem to have forgotten. 

Ain't it the truth!!!!  :-)))

Gordon Peterson