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Smelly garbage?

I think i've found a problem in the limbo garbage collection, but it
could just be my limited knowledge of limbo.. I've been writing a
version of Tetris in Limbo and have the mysterious problem of it sucking
memory until the emulator dies. I'm running 1.0 on a Win95 machine with
32 megs of ram, and the Tetris game is all simple arrays.. The only part
that i'm not sure about is the Tk implementation - are there anyone
known bugs in Inferno's Tk? 
        I realize the problem could very well be in my code, but
(according the
memory monitor) the system is never freeing the memory, even after i
cleanly(?) exit the Tetris game. If i had to manually allocate and free
memory i would understand this, but i was under the understanding that
Inferno handles that for me... Has anyone experinced any similar

If anyone wants to see the code i'll post it, but the game is not done

Adam Fletcher