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RE: open for business


I just downloaded 95, NT. They are open for business. Also I heard 
that IRIX 5.3 is up but there is some question as to the documentation 
being current.  Sorry for any confusion...

From:  lutherh@infinet.com[SMTP:lutherh@infinet.com]
Sent:  Wednesday, March 12, 1997 8:47 AM
To:  Stant, Greg
Subject:  Re: open for business

On Wed, 12 Mar 1997 07:59:16 -0700, "Stant, Greg"
<gstant@psoexc01.tsc.bcs.lucent.com> wrote:

>Inferno 1.0
>open for business

The Plan 9 executables aren't there yet (as of 10:45 am, Wednesday).