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Re: (none)

>I told Daniel that you can cross connect
>a pair of file2chan files

> the bad news: it excites a multiprogramming bug

Is that why it works for awhile and then gives errors like:

SYS: process exslave faults: Segmentation violation

SYS: process exportfs faults: Bus error

[Harpserv] 18043 OSFault "Bus error"
[Harpserv] PC 107 INST send     68(fp), 44(fp)
[Harpserv] Broken: "Bus error"

[Sh] 18092 OSFault "Segmentation violation"
[Sh] PC 202 INST load   40(fp), 56(fp), 44(fp)
[Sh] Broken: "Segmentation violation"

Daniel van Os