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Connecting to server

I am also having a problem with connecting to a server...

We have inferno running on a solaris machine and right now I have it as a 
server and I am trying to connect from a win95 client.

in the remote box, I type:

and I get:
  Failed: connect server.machine.umr.edu!styx  failed: Unknown error

However, if I try:
    where xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx is the IP address of server.machine.umr.edu

  it will connect.

Now when I do the login using the IP version of connecting, I have to 
replace the $SIGNER with the above IP address.

I have edited the /services/cs/db file so that each server matches the:

and on the server side ran:

and on the client side ran:
  bind '#I' /net

Doing these same steps on another win95 machine, I was able to connect 
correctly to the server using the server's node name in the remote box.

Just curious if anyone else has run into these problems.
BTW: this is a dialup network.

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