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Re: Info?

> info?
> Six hardware and software companies have signaled their support for Sun
> Microsystems' Java Technology Toolkit, or JavaTel, a cross-platform product
> designed to link any telephone, appliance or networked computer to any
> Java-based application.  IBM, Intel, Lucent Technologies, Nortel and Novell
> have said they'll support the standard, and more companies are reportedly
> ready to join the pack, according to Sun's director of market strategies and
> technologies.  JavaTel will offer software developers and device
> manufacturers a uniform interface for driving basic telephony functions,
> such as call setup, disconnect, hold and call transfer.  A series of JavaTel
> Extension Packages will deliver interfaces such as advanced call control,
> media services, terminal management, call center management and mobile
> services.  (Interactive Age Digital 4 Oct 96)

Has anyone ever heard of NEST?  I think this is Novell's version of 
the concept of JavaTel.  It's suppost to allow any object embeded 
with this technology to talk to other objects on a network.  It seems 
Novell is admiting failure on thier own NEST product if they support