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re: Sophisticated Development/Debug tools

>>Does anyone know of the status of any work in the area of sophisticated
>>(easy to use and simple to improve) tool for development of Inferno
>>applications and their successful debugging?

i use:
	development: Acme
	debugging: wm/deb
	specification and validation: Promela/spin
except that the last should be first, since that reduces the time
spent in the other two phases.  it definitely qualifies as `sophisticated'.
seriously, if you are doing any non-trivial concurrent programming in Limbo,
the time spent using spin to validate a Promela model is amply repaid in
time available to go down the pub instead of spending time
in wm/deb saying ``what!?  how?! ... well, i suppose ...''.
having said that, the concurrent programming required to interact with Tk,
say, seems stylised enough not to require detailed modelling. i've found
wm/deb good at pointing out the infernal null reference that caused a trap.