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QUIZ(VI)                      9/7/74                     QUIZ(VI)

     quiz - test your knowledge

     quiz [ -i file ] [ -t ] [ category1 category2 ]

     Quiz  gives associative knowledge tests on various subjects.
     It asks items chosen from category1 and expects answers from
     category2.   If  no categories are specified, quiz gives in-
     structions and lists the available categories.

     Quiz tells a correct answer whenever you type  a  bare  new-
     line.   At  the  end of input, upon interrupt, or when ques-
     tions run out, quiz reports a score and terminates.

     The -t flag specifies `tutorial' mode,  where  missed  ques-
     tions  are  repeated later, and material is gradually intro-
     duced as you learn.

     The -i flag causes the named file to be substituted for  the
     default index file.  The lines of these files have the  syn-

         line       = category newline | category `:' line
         category   = alternate | category `|' alternate
         alternate  = empty | alternate primary
         primary    = character | `[' category `]' | option
         option     = `{' category `}'

     The first category on each line of an index  file  names  an
     information  file.  The remaining categories specify the or-
     der and contents of the data in each line of the information
     file.   Information  files  have the same syntax.  Backslash
     `\' is used as with sh(I) to quote  syntactically  signifi-
     cant  characters  or  to  insert transparent newlines into a
     line.  When either a question or its answer is  empty,  quiz
     will refrain from asking it.



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