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LINK(II)                      8/5/73                     LINK(II)

     link - link to a file

     (link = 9.)
     sys link; name1; name2

     link(name1, name2)
     char *name1, *name2;

     A  link  to  name1  is created; the link has the name name2.
     Either name may be an arbitrary path name.

     link(I), unlink(II)

     The error bit (c-bit) is set when  name1  cannot  be  found;
     when  name2 already exists; when the directory of name2 can-
     not be written; when an attempt is made to link to a  direc-
     tory by a user other than the super-user; when an attempt is
     made to link to a file on another  file  system;  when  more
     than  127  links are made.  From C, a -1 return indicates an
     error, a 0 return indicates success.

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