OD(I)                        1/15/73                        OD(I)

     od  -  octal dump

     od [ -abcdho ] [ file ] [ [ + ] offset[ . ][ b ] ]

     Od  dumps  file  in  one  or more formats as selected by the
     first argument.  If the first argument is missing -o is  de-
     fault.  The meanings of the format argument characters are:

     a  interprets words as PDP-11 instructions and dis-assembles
        the operation code.  Unknown  operation  codes  print  as

     b  interprets bytes in octal.

     c  interprets  bytes in ascii.  Unknown ascii characters are
        printed as \?.

     d  interprets words in decimal.

     h  interprets words in hex.

     o  interprets words in octal.

     The file argument specifies which file is to be dumped.   If
     no  file  argument is specified, the standard input is used.
     Thus od can be used as a filter.

     The offset argument specifies the offset in the  file  where
     dumping  is  to  commence.  This argument is normally inter-
     preted as octal bytes.  If `.' is appended,  the  offset  is
     interpreted  in  decimal.  If `b' is appended, the offset is
     interpreted in blocks.  (A block is 512 bytes.)  If the file
     argument is omitted, the offset argument must be preceded by

     Dumping continues until end-of-file.



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