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Documents from the original Inferno website at Lucent

The following articles, white papers, and books were published at: http://www.lucent.com/inferno/support.html ages ago. They are outdated and deprecated and mostly of historical interest, but there might still be some good ideas lurking somewhere.

Be aware that there are many missing files, broken links and other errors. If someone has a more complete copy of the original Lucent Inferno website please contact me.

Bernard, Harvey Inferno Security
Breitstein, Stephen R. Inferno Namespaces
Grosse, Eric Real Inferno
Kernighan, Brian W. A Descent into Limbo
Knudsen, D. Database Support in Inferno
Sharma, Atul Inferno Real-time Capabilities

Inferno: la Commedia Interattiva
A Comparison of Inferno and Java
File Transfer Protocol (FTP) File System
Inferno Audio Device
Limbo Manual (Broken or lost link?)
Security in Inferno
Starting off with Inferno
The Inferno Environment (from the beta version of the documentation)

Other ancient historical information:
Bug list
Frequently asked questions