MOUNT(VIII)                  10/31/73                 MOUNT(VIII)

     mount - mount file system

     /etc/mount special file [ -r ]

     Mount  announces  to the system that a removable file system
     is present on the device corresponding to special file  spe-
     cial  (which must refer to a disk or possibly DECtape).  The
     file must exist already; it becomes the name of the root  of
     the newly mounted file system.

     Mount maintains a table of mounted devices; if invoked with-
     out an argument it prints the table.

     The optional last argument indicates that the file is to  be
     mounted  read-only.  Physically write-protected and magnetic
     tape file systems must be mounted in this way or errors will
     occur  when access times are updated, whether or not any ex-
     plicit write is attempted.

     mount(II), mtab(V), umount(VIII)

     Mounting file systems full of garbage will crash the system.

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