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AC(VIII)                     2/20/74                     AC(VIII)

     ac - login accounting

     ac [ -w wtmp ] [ -p ] [ -d ] people

     Ac produces a printout giving connect time for each user who
     has logged in during the life of the current wtmp  file.   A
     total  is also produced.  -w is used to specify an alternate
     wtmp file.  -p prints individual totals;  without  this  op-
     tion,  only  totals  are  printed.  -d causes a printout for
     each midnight to midnight period.  Any people will limit the
     printout to only the specified login names.  If no wtmp file
     is given, /usr/adm/wtmp is used.

     The accounting file /usr/adm/wtmp is maintained by init  and
     login.  Neither of these programs creates the file, so if it
     does not exist no connect-time accounting is done.  To start
     accounting, it should be created with length 0.  On the oth-
     er hand if the file is left undisturbed it will grow without
     bound,  so  periodically  any  information desired should be
     collected and the file truncated.


     init(VIII), login(I), wtmp(V).


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