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MKNOD(II)                     8/5/73                    MKNOD(II)

     mknod - make a directory or a special file

     (mknod = 14.; not in assembler)
     sys  mknod; name; mode; addr

     mknod(name, mode, addr)
     char *name;

     Mknod  creates  a new file whose name is the null-terminated
     string pointed to by name.  The mode of the  new  file  (in-
     cluding directory and special file bits) is initialized from
     mode.  The first physical address of the file is initialized
     from  addr.   Note  that  in  the  case of a directory, addr
     should be zero.  In the case of a special file, addr  speci-
     fies which special file.

     Mknod may be invoked only by the super-user.

     mkdir(I), mknod(VIII), fs(V)

     Error  bit  (c-bit)  is set if the file already exists or if
     the user is not the super-user.  From C, a  -1  value  indi-
     cates an error.

                              - 1 -