DATE(I)                      11/1/74                      DATE(I)

     date - print and set the date

     date [ s ] [ mmddhhmm[yy] ]

     If  no  argument  is  given,  the  current date and time are
     printed.  If an argument is given, the current date is  set.
     The  first  mm  is the month number; dd is the day number in
     the month; hh is the hour number (24 hour system); the  sec-
     ond  mm is the minute number; yy is the last 2 digits of the
     year number and is optional.  For example:

           date 10080045

     sets the date to Oct 8, 12:45 AM.  The current year  is  the
     default  if  no  year  is mentioned.  The system operates in
     GMT.  Date takes care of the conversion to  and  from  local
     standard and daylight time.

     If  the argument is ``s,'' date calls the network file store
     via the TIU interface (if present) and sets the clock to the
     time thereby obtained.

     ``No  permission''  if you aren't the super-user and you try
     to change the date; ``bad conversion'' if the  date  set  is
     syntactically incorrect.



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