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Inferno Technical Information

There are several sources for technical information about Inferno:
  • Technical Papers
    The technical documents listed below discuss particular aspects of Inferno:
    • Inferno: la Commedia Interattiva by the Computing Science Research Center of Bell Labs, is a technical overview of the system. (posted: March 13, 1997)
    • A Descent into Limbo by B. Kernighan, Computing Science Research Center of Bell Labs, is an introduction the Limbo language. (posted: March 20, 1997)
    • Inferno Namespaces by S. Breitstein, Inferno OS Documentation Team, discusses one of the core features of the system. (posted: March 11, 1997)
    • Security in Inferno by D. Presotto, Computing Science Research Center of Bell Labs, describes the security implementation. (posted: March 13, 1997)
    • Inferno Security by H. Bernard, Inferno OS Documentation Team, provides an overview of network security features. (posted: March 6, 1997)
    • Real Time Inferno by A. Sharma, Inferno OS Development Team, discusses Inferno as a real time OS. (posted: March 6, 1997)
    • Inferno Database Interface by D. Knudsen, Inferno OS Development Team, provides an introduction to database interfaces in Inferno. (posted: March 6, 1997)
    • Real Limbo by E. Grosse, Computing Science Research Center of Bell Labs, describes the Inferno internal math routines. (posted: March 13, 1997)
      Available in PS or PDF format. (posted: March 13, 1997)

  • Startup and Application Information

  • List of Operational Caveats
    This list provides regularly updated information about operational caveats of Inferno. Instructions provided also allow you to submit a modification request (MR).

  • Inferno Mailing List
    Beta users of Inferno have created a mailing list that provides a useful, though unofficial, forum for people working with Inferno. Inferno Developers monitor the mailing list and often offer opinions, suggestions and assistance to developers seeking help. To subscribe to the mailing list, send e-mail to listserv@artnet.com.br with the following text in the body:
         subscribe inferno

    For more information, you can visit the Inferno mailing list archive which stores past queries and responses that appeared in the Inferno mailing list.

    In addition, two Inferno newsgroups are available:


  • Email
    Specific technical questions can be addressed to the Inferno technical support staff at infernosupport@lucent.com. Responses can be expected within 24 hours.

  • Telephone Support
    During normal business hours in the continental US, specific technical questions can also be handled by calling:
    +1 800 776 3955

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