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File Transfer Protocol (FTP) File System

Ftpfs is a Window Manager program. After starting the Window Manager, select Ftpfs from the Inferno>>Applications menu. The Ftpfs dialog box opens.

  1. Click on the Hostname field and type the name of the remote machine. For example, ftp.remote.com. (Note: The remote machine must be running an FTP service.)

  2. Click on the Mountpoint field and type the location to mount the remote machine's file system. For example, /n/ftp, which is the conventional location for bind and mount operations of remote file systems via FTP.

  3. Click on the User field and type the name of the user account on the remote machine.

  4. Click on the Password field and type the password for the user.

  5. Press Enter or Return to make the connection.
The remote file system is now mounted at the mountpoint directory. The Directory window displays, showing the files and directories mounted from the remote machine.

To you, the files mounted from the remote machine are accessible just as if they were physically located on the local machine in the mountpoint directory.

Underneath, however, Inferno is using the File Transfer Protocol to access the files across the network on the remote machine.