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My guide and I went into that hidden tunnel;
And following its path, we took no care
To rest, but climbed: he first, then I - so far,

Through a round aperture I saw appear
Some of the beautiful things that Heaven bears,
Where we came forth, and once more saw the stars.

The Inferno of Dante, Canto XXXIV

Emu panics, reporting it could not load /dis/sh.dis

By default the root of the Inferno name space is in /usr/inferno on Unix, \users\inferno on Windows. If you installed Inferno somewhere else you must use the -r option to specify the root. The directory named in the -r should use forward slash (/) as its separator and end with a slash.

The options set in the EMU environment variable are ignored

Export the EMU environment variable.

My X terminal goes technicolor when running emu

Inferno allocates a full eight bit color map, so if your machine does not support multiple color maps you will get a `technicolor' effect when you enter and leave the Inferno window. Try using the -7 option to emu to allocate a smaller color map. If emu says not to use -7, it was unable to allocate 128 colors from the shared color map. Try exiting other colorful applications (Netscape for example uses many colors) and try -7 again.

I get errors trying to access the network

The network services are not started by default. You must bind the IP device drivers and start a connection server before starting wm:
	$ bind '#I' /net
	$ lib/cs
	$ wm/logon

The web browser reports it cannot start webget

The shell PATH variable must be set to the appropriate bin directory for the system you are running on. For Windows 95 and Nt it would be \users\inferno\Nt\386\bin.