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Re: Lucent Technologies & Sun Microsystems

>EXACTLY! If you have a disk write to it, if you don't their is a server
>in your namespace that looks for all the world (to your apps) like its
>local -- but its not. 
>Or a thin diskless client running Inferno!
Only remaining dispute I've got is the emphasis on diskless
use a network disk if there is one but don't force the issue
disks are so cheap and getting cheaper faster than RAM

curreent list prices as $100 per GB with promise of 4 to 10X improvement in
capacity/density of storage with relatively existing platter technology and
some improvements in head manufacturing

so as confidently as anything I'd say that in less than 2yrs you'll see 10
GB disks for $100 or 1 GB disks for $25 

Then if you can put them in small packages as you should be able to we'll
see credit card size drives with 1 GB or so able to fit in palm tops -- the
only stuff that should remain diskless then is stuff that needs to for
security reasons or is so compact that it will be a system on a small chip
(such as for Negroponte's talking doorknobs etc)

In fact one of my big problems with native inferno so far has been the lack
of anative file system which makes it inherently have to boot from a network

My model for future interactivity and connectivity is:

A) make everthing in the hardware network aware and connectable
b) make all software network aware and upodatable
c) provide the user the option of using the network explicitly or switching
to auto mode for updates of curreent files (program and data) as required or
avialble from the network

Thus you can sit in a meeting (even in EM proof screen room) typing notes or
recording audio and even video into a palmtop/shirtpocket device

Walk out of the meeting onto the street and down/upload information via
satellite link from the same device to your main office PC on another
continent while maintaining a conversation over the same physical RF link
with your colleagues in a restaurant across town -- including sending an
encrypted diagram

Arrive at your hotel room and transfer by IR your notes in your palmtop to
your notebook along with the with simultaneous feed over wired link from
your meeting site (of addtional supporting data and complete video
presentation) to your notenbook

Take the notebook on a plane and playback the meeting video and audio while
annotating it with text and audio and when you land transfer the whole thing
to some one elses notebook (by short range RF network in the airport) and
also the whole annotated presentation to the home office by micro cellular
radio network from inside the airport terminal building

Inferno can provide all of the interconnections required for the above
scenario through STYX and also manage the data flows -- however some of the
devices may be running another opeerating systemn such as Windows with
Inferno running on top in the EMU mode

No component of this multimedia, multithreadced scenario requires the
network connection -- but all can benefit from its availability
Ted Kochanski, Ph.D.
Sensors Signals Systems  ---  "Complex Systems -- Analysis and Architecture"
--- "Inferno-ware"
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