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Re: Lucent Technologies & Sun Microsystems

>It's not even that difficult.  Processing power is becoming ubiquitous and 
>nearly free.  The new TI DSP will be executing up to 2 BILLION instructions
>second by the end of this year

DEC Alpha's already do moree than 2B instructions per second and you can
write codee in Fortran for them not some gobbldy gook TI machine language

DEC's StrongArms are now doing some 250 m real instructions per second and
can be had for less than $50

there are plenty of existing targets for Inferno without waiting forever
(end of the year in Inferno years)

I agree that computing and add network connectivity and add local storage
are all free and ubiquitous -- the challenge is to do something uselful and
productive with all of this maga, giga, exa, peta power

As the sage said if information is free then its trash
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