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Re: Lucent Technologies & Sun Microsystems

On Tue, 22 Apr 1997, Dunlap W. Brian F1D x8255 wrote:

> > However, I don't believe that anyone here is seriously pushing Inferno
> > as a desktop operating system.
> Say What??

I think the intent with inferno is clearly non-desktop oriented. Desktops 
can have big, self-contained machines on them. They already have a market 
leader, and there are millions of hours of tweaks and adjustments which 
have been poured into MS-word which would be futile to duplicate. 
Business desktops already have the best spreadsheet/wordprocessor combo. 
They have space and power for lots of RAM and lots of disc, and are happy 
being bloated. Inferno is slim (one could say barren, in terms of user 
applications) and brings the greatest advantage to hardware which does 
not physically reside next to all the devices/resources a program will 
use during its execution. Such hardware, as described on the inferno web 
page, includes set-top boxes, smart phones, network terminals, PIMs, 
embedded systems (cars, trains, kiosks).. There is no need to reinvent 
the desktop OS, when most desktop work is tightly focused on local 
resources (with the occasional file sharing)