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RE: Lucent Technologies & Sun Microsystems

On Monday, April 21, 1997 9:33 PM, gep2@computek.net 
[SMTP:gep2@computek.net] wrote:

> Well, it's not inconceivable that an NC system (at least running native) 
> have acceptable performance.  The problem is that they won't, since 
> going to be running (it would appear) Java, and Java comes with a very 
> performance penalty.  What's more, it's ludicrous to have to download 
> program you want to run.  The fact is that PCs are **very** 
cost-effective, and
> a lot of that is due to the huge production volumes in that architecture. 
> simply don't think that the NC is going to be significantly cheaper! 
 Heck, the
> PC motherboards only cost $100-200, with a CPU (unless you really go high 
> and just about everything else is going to be (and cost!) the same on an 
NC as
> on a PC!  So even if the NC eliminated the PC motherboard and CPU 
*entirely* it
> would only bring down the cost by $100-200.  Which isn't nearly enough to 
> compensate for the hugely reduced functionality and 
> compared to a PC.

Very right. PC industry is very low margin business. It is no hope to 
compete to PC with alternative architecture in seance of cheap. Look who 
behind the NC ideal, those mainframe and workstation maker. They always 
enjoin charge their customer a big premium. How can they success to run a 
cheap computer maker business? Gateway 2000 and Dell may have a better 

The main advantage of NC which promoter claimed is total cost of lifetime. 
That means PC is too cost to maintain it, especially on software side. The 
NC will get rid of the problem by take out hard driver from PC. This is 
right in the first look. However let's look the car business. The NC is 
like the rental car. It is full loaded and maintained by rental company. 
You don't need to worry about any handy work.
But there are some small problems here. There are only one or maybe two 
modal available. And you can only driver on a few interstate highway. If 
you want to drive on some routes not list on the rent company map, you need 
to get a permit from them. Do you want to rent a car  or to buy a car 
yourself. Even to rent a car is cost half than to buy a car, I will buy a 
car. People will choose PC instead NC. Corporations may like to force their 
employees to use NC. They did give their employees dumb terminal instead of 
PC in the pass, but not they can do it any more. NC will fail no matter how 
many big companies to push it.

Microsoft is working on lower the cost of PC maintaining. If they can help 
on this area, NC will be another
hopeless project which glass room want take away compute freedom from