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Limbo List Support

Limbo is great and I love the array and list support.
My only gripe is that the list support could be greatly improved by the addition
of a few more list handling primitives.

e.g.	list reversal and concatenation

I know these functions can be coded, but the programmer does not have access to the underlying
implementation of lists and so cannot be confident that their implementation is the most efficient.
For example, it is impossible to perform in-place list reversal in limbo - the resultant list is new, made up
of an element by element copy of the original.

Other occasionally useful functions that could be primitives include:

	copy	- create a new copy (element for element) of a list
	tsil	- build a 'backwards' list, where the new element is appended to the end

There are other list functions, but on the whole they are either fairly useless or simply ludicrous!


Chris Locke