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Re: Mailinglist -----> newsgroup

>> One idea that might help would be to have the mailing list software 
configured to add something identifiable (like a prefix 'inferno:') to the 
subject line
>I don't want to get into a discussion of mail readers here, but the messages 
already come with To: or Cc: inferno@artnet.com.br  That seems sufficient to me. 

It may be sufficient for you, but in my case my mail reader displays "From:", 
"Date", "Size", and "Subject" in the inbox listing.  Having inferno's address in 
the "To:" or "Cc:" helps me, personally, not one whit... I don't see those until 
after I open the mail.

> I know Eudora Light 3.0.1 for Windows can filter on the To: 
field; to make sure I wasn't blowing smoke I grabbed the manual from 
Qualcomm's WWW site to check.  Probably all other Eudoras (and most other 
mail readers) can too.

The Spry Mail which I use doesn't have automated filters of that sort.  I'd have 
changed to Eudora a long time ago, except that I have almost 300Mb of mail saved 
and classified in Spry Mail archives.  And there doesn't seem to be any 
practical way to convert those archives to Eudora format.

Gordon Peterson