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macroborgs eat DVD and brainwash developers

On Fri, 11 Apr 1997, tedk wrote:
> The -- BORG --I mean MicroSoft has designs further down the chain

now now.. the borg turn you into selfless zombies with no respect for 
individual will. microsoft just makes office automation tools. The 
comparison is a little drastic. 

>                 Microsystems and Oracle, Gates said that "NC"
>                 stands for "not compatible." "The NC is not really a

It's just one proprietary-standard-enforcer bashing another. The problem
for Open Standards is that, while they make for more functional systems,
they offer no benefit at all to businesses who think they are strong
enough to try to control a market. examine Apple, AT&T, MS, IBM, SUN,
Oracle, Netscape -- everyone who thinks they can get away with it is 
'leading the future' with their own, tightly guarded technologies.

Who makes technologies that get used? People who give them away.

I don't get the TV fixation. Do computer manufacturers think that if they
create proprietary, programmable TVs, they'll sell 5 billion of their
units? TV is based on the most insanely open standards -- I can buy a set
from 15 years ago for $30 that still pulls in broadcast TV. There's
nothing to TV. That's why it worked so well. 

DVD is supposed to be like 'cds for video' (high quality,
computer-friendly) but it's missing the point that for every person who
put out a CD in the past year, there are exactly zero major hollywood
studios willing to back them on making a film. Whose movies are we going
to watch on this incredibly dense, publish-it-yourself media system? Are
we going to watch endless DVDs full of america's funniest home videos?
Lots and lots of porno macromedia director discs? Digitally re-re-released
jurassic park? The Minds Eye, part 10?