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You know, inferno works as a web server...

It's documented, but the docs are not complete.
Look in httpd under 'services' in the reference API
section of the manual.

A lot is missing there.

First, httpd is in /dis/svc/httpd/httpd, and the
control files are in /services/httpd/httpd.* not

Second, it should be mentioned that httpd answers
tcp!*!http, so your services file must define http to
be port 80 or 8000 or whatever you want the server
to respond to.  That's not in the services.txt file
that you use during installation.

Third, nowhere does it say whether URL rewriting happens
before or after httpd checks to see if the URL is /magic.
In fact, the check for /magic happens before rewriting,
and rewriting isn't done if the URI begins with /magic.

Now, some necessary stuff to do /magic (the equivalent
of CGI scripts) is not in the binary distribution, so
there's not much point in trying that, but it will serve
static documents rather nicely.

One tip is that the demon should be run by user inferno,
to get access to the /services/httpd/httpd files.