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Re: Lucent Technologies & Sun Microsystems

At 09:30 PM 4/8/97 -0700, you wrote:
>> 	And Intel! If the NC model based on a virtual machine gets the
>> market, Intel will loose the monopoly on CPUs!
>Take into mind though, that Intel and Microsoft have released their own NC
>ref design, the NetPC, which has a Pentium 100 CPU, among other things. It
>basically looks like a Oracle NC running Windows and "native" support for

It gets worse than that

The -- BORG --I mean MicroSoft has designs further down the chain

see below excerpts from a recent Gates talk at WinHec -- Windows hardware
engineering Conference

 Gates: PC a natural for
                living room 
                By Brooke Crothers
                April 8, 1997, 1 p.m. PT 

                SAN FRANCISCO--Microsoft (MSFT) chairman
                Bill Gates described the PC as a shoo-in for the
                living room, essentially as a high-end interactive TV. 

                "As the TV world goes digital, the PC will provide
                an instant platform...Instead of buying an expensive
                new digital TV, millions and millions of PC will be
                ready for this," Gates said. "This a new opportunity
                for the PC. This will help drive PC sales." 

                Gates ...  inserted a DVD disc
                into a consumer-electronics DVD player hooked up
                to TV. Then he played a movie. After this, the same
                disc was inserted into a PC. The PC not only played
                the movie but offered a variety of interactive
                alternatives while the movie was playing. 
                But not every device in the home will be a PC
                running a Window 95 or Memphis operating system,
                he said. At the low end of the spectrum will be the
                Windows CE devices, Gates said. TV products
                such as WebTV will use <<<Window CE>>> and have
                fewer features than PCs. 

                Gates also alluded to <<<"Windows Terminal,">>>>
                Microsoft's technology for people now using "dumb"
                terminals that generally process only video data,
                leaving the processing of applications to be done on
                the server computer. 

                In a sarcastic remark about the network computer
                or NC being proposed by companies such as Sun
                Microsystems and Oracle, Gates said that "NC"
                stands for "not compatible." "The NC is not really a
                well-defined term. Which OS? Which chipset? The
                only sure thing about the NC is that it's not
                compatible," Gates said. 

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MicroSoft is really MacroSoft -- there is now boundary that they won'tr
apparently cross
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