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Re: Hot Peppers, Cool Marketing

Liz says the secret to growing the hot little devils is  b r i c k s. Yes
bricks and you heard it here first. Up here in the 'gonna kiss the ozone
clime' (Denver), it gets cold at night - she says... So, you surround them
with bricks to hold the heat in. 

But seriously folks, what you really need is a little water, a little sun,
a couple cervesas - and time to dream.

more later...

> From: Nigel Roles <ngr@symbionics.co.uk>
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> Subject: RE: Hot Peppers, Cool Marketing
> Date: Wednesday, April 09, 1997 8:57 AM
> Depends where you live. The following advice applies for U.K. climes,
> and is based on growing other Habaneros.
> *	Keep the pots very small, and wait until the roots have filled the pot
> before potting on
> *	Dont overwater as they rot off easily when small
> *	They need a lot of light and warmth, so unless you have a greenhouse,
> they are best kept on a warm well lit window sill until summer and then
> planted out
> *	It's possible that they will not fruit in the first season, so be
> prepared to dig them up and bring them in again. Overwintering is quite
> successful, with fruits developing the following spring
> *	Eat with care
> And now a in-joke for forsyth@plan9.cs.york.ac.uk:
> "Do you think this chilli's hot? I don't think this chilli's hot..."
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> >Any advice on the cultivation of the hot peppers Lucent has mailed out?
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