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It is a time to think of many things, ...

Speaking of books, -- Are there plans (9 of them ?) for books on Inferno
& its parts?

Are BWK/DMR all reved up to do "The Limbo Programming Language"?

Despite massive evidence to the  contrary, I still admire and  subscribe
to the statement in the C book "C  is not a big language, and it is  not
well served by a big book."  Can/could the same be done/said for Limbo?

Java has exploded with 22 (?) packages & 500+ functions or whatever they
"should" be called.  Is this necessary in today's programming languages?

Does this suggest some failure of the "run anywhere" idea?

Can a language be separated from its libraries?

Are there valid comparisons among languages based on quantities of  such

Tom Merrick

SW people know I'm not SW, HW people think I'm SW,  I just enjoy ...