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Re: Hot Peppers, Cool Marketing

Nigel Roles wrote:
> Depends where you live. The following advice applies for U.K. climes,
> and is based on growing other Habaneros.
> *       Keep the pots very small, and wait until the roots have filled the pot
> before potting on
> *       Dont overwater as they rot off easily when small
> *       They need a lot of light and warmth, so unless you have a greenhouse,
> they are best kept on a warm well lit window sill until summer and then
> planted out
> *       It's possible that they will not fruit in the first season, so be
> prepared to dig them up and bring them in again. Overwintering is quite
> successful, with fruits developing the following spring
> *       Eat with care

	When the plants bloom, spray (use a mister) a mixture of epsom salt and
water (1 or 2 teaspoons epsom salt to 1 liter water) on the plants until
to the leaves turn dark green (about 2 or 3 times a plant).. The plants
will produce noticably more fruit... Peppers also like a slightly acidic
soil - a few match heads buried around the plant (but not where the
roots will touch them!) will help keep the plants healthy.