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Re: Lucent Technologies & Sun Microsystems

I agree with many of your comments. I love Lisp, but it certainly hasn't
caught on. There is the danger that Inferno will become a "Java-OS", but
that is OK, since there is still the possibility to build Limbo apps.
What we might see is Java used on the client side and Limbo used on the
server side. It's really the power of Inferno (e.g., real-time
compatible GC, Namespace, etc.) that is the revolution. Any compatible
language on top of Inferno is fine. I just don't think you want to
corrupt the Inferno properties to shoehorn in languages like C and C++
(lisp by the way would work on top of Inferno) which don't have the
right binding times, etc.

Ian Bruce
(630) 713-7387