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Re: Lucent Technologies & Sun Microsystems

On Sun, 6 Apr 1997, Brian Osman wrote:

> Well, I'll start by saying that I agree about Java. It doesn't seem that
> promising as a language, just an example of how a technology can succeed
> regardless of technical merit.

As a product, sun sold Java well. There's lots of salesmen though.. As an
idea, sun didn't have much new to show, and the inferno group showed them
one better. Java was an embedded systems language, and inferno is just way
more mature for that. I don't think most computer folks (massive
generalization) care about product sales as much as the industry press is
always goading us to. I'll be sorry if lucent decides inferno is
unmarketable and abandons it, but many of us don't see computing as an
entirely corporate thing. The ideas are now present for all, and (once any
patents wear off ;) they will be as sucessful as any other Good Idea. They
will show up in other offerings, from other people, until they too are
remade by hard work and thinking, probably by the same people. 

-graydon <admin@multinet.net>

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