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Re: Lucent Technologies & Sun Microsystems

At 09:58 PM 4/2/97 -0300, you wrote:
>Lucent Technologies, Sun Microsystems to expand market for networked 
>information services, products 
>SAN FRANCISCO -- Building a new bridge between computing and 
>communications worlds, Lucent Technologies and Sun Microsystems today 
>signed three agreements that ensure that applications written to Sun's
>JavaTM platform will run on all communications devices and networks 
>running Lucent's InfernoTM network operating system. 

>The three agreements, announced at Sun's JavaOne developers' conference 
>here, were:
>Lucent Technologies licensed the JavaTM technologies from Sun, setting 
>the stage for the Inferno network operating system to run Java 
>applications on information appliances and servers across many networks;
>Sun became a member of Lucent's Inferno Partners Program to help put 
>Java-enabled end-to-end network solutions in the hands of Inferno 
>Lucent Technologies agreed to participate in Sun's industry-wide 
>initiative to help define Sun's new PersonalJava and EmbeddedJava APIs, 
>which were announced today. 

I sort of predicted this a few months ago -- when I said the only problem
with the Java OS was that  it didn't

Sun has surrendered !!! -- Unlike Nixon there really was no secret plan for
a robust network to work with Java now they've admitted it

Lucent on the other hand now has access to 10,000 + developers for the
Inferno environment

Despite the fact that the 10,000 + companies developing for Java have total
sales of order of $1 billion and the 10 companies that Lucent sells to have
total sales of $100 billion the press declared Java a success

So lets celebrate the porting of Java apps to Inferno and all join in a rousing
Jeer for Active X and Windows CE

MicroSoft is the big loser in this one

Hip Hip Hooray etc

just a few lose bits after having been burried up to my whatever in the
April fools day blizzard
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