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Re: Remote execution / application migration

even set top boxes need proper authentication.

much of the strong security software is nobbled for
the ftp release because of the `it would be funny if it
were not so sad' US encryption export rules.
fixing that is up to american citizens.  that isn't necessarily
the reason rcmd and rstyx don't authenticate: it is admittedly
hard to decide sometimes which things in the ftp distribution
really are demos and which are meant to be taken as full
system services.

>>I don't think this was ever the issue; it's pretty clear that if you can

after i posted the note, i thought you'd say that (because it's true), but
the Inferno method does differ significantly, even so, from Plan 9 exec because
the remote architecture can be one the local system
knows nothing about, and the load operator integrates
the code more tightly into the remote application once loaded.
i rely on these effects in my application.