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Re: Remote execution / application migration

At 12:16 AM 4/1/97 -0300, you wrote:
>"A JOSEPH KOSHY" <koshy@india.hp.com> asks:
>>1. Whats the equivalent of the UNIX remote shell for Inferno?  I would
>>   like a CPU intensive app to execute on a CPU server, though invoked
>>   from a  lower power terminal.
>Of course, it's possible to build an application that provides its
>computation remotely, but there's nothing of which I'm aware that will
>transparently wrap a program so that it would run remotely, and I expect
>that's what you want.
There's nothing in particular that keeps you from invoking Inferno remotely,
we in essence do it in our native PC Inferno demo


Inferno Server resides on a machine in the EMU implementation with Unix bootp
this machine also stores a native binary kernal image of Inferno to be
executed on the Inferno ready PC client

Inferno ready client (PC running DOS) executes a boot script that results in
the Inferno kernal image being transmitted over the ethernet from the Server
to the  Inferno ready client and then executed on the Inferno ready client 

This is a special case and could be generalized (such as EMU client) without
dramaticlly changing Inferno

my guess anyway

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