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Re: HELP - pushing Inferno as a solution

At 12:22 AM 3/27/97 -0300, you wrote:
>I wouldn't think of displacing ladder logic so much as
>finding a carefully chosen niche where ladder logic won't
>work well.  All the minuses above are arguments for Inferno,
>if the manufacturing process needs them.
At the risk of losing my Gold Inferno forever star (and not being invited to
my sister-inlaws house)

Unless proven otherwise there are already several industrial strength
combined ahrdware an software, control/communications technologies in existence 

I'm thinking in particular of Echelon's Lonworks with its Neuron Chip for
control and communications protocols and an array of transmission options
from powerline to ethernet for actually interconnecting the units.

By the way while somewhat linmited (the 1995 vintage chips from Motorola had
only a few hundred Bytes of program space) in control code capacity it came
with its own language Neuron-C and a low cost hardware package.

Inferno could compete in the higher end of the Lonworks market if there is a
low cost, high performance, low powered hardware platform (such as Digital's
StrongArm packaged with some RAM and ROM and with appropriate communications
hardware) distributed over a large control network

But -- and this is key -- Inferno alone without the standardized and lowcost
hardware platform will not be cometitive with the Lonworks, BACnet and other
similar control systems
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