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Re: implementing styx

In message <199703261504.MAA16340@bocage.artnet.com.br>, you said:
>What type of documentation would I need so I
>could write code to implement the styx network
>over any type of bus?

I'm confused; Styx is a networking protocol, which (unless I am
terribly mistaken) has nothing to do with a bus.  If you meant
'network' instead of 'bus', you must misunderstand what Styx is.  Styx
will operate over any reliable network; the only place that you need to
implement anything is on the client side, ie. decoding incoming Styx
messages and encoding outgoing messages.  All the information you need
is in the Inferno distribution;  the /include directory of the common
distribution contains <styx.h> which has the message type -> number
mapping, and the man pages (section 5 in particular) describe the Styx
messages and the Fcall and Dir structures.

I have implemented the convM2S, convS2M and various other Styx-related
functions, and will be releasing those as soon as I get around to it.

-- Dave Bort
   Computer Science House
   Rochester Institute of Technology