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Q: Will native inferno run on?

I keep asking these "Will inferno run on..." questions, mainly because my company, can not just run out and purchase all these boards can controllers to find out for ourselves.  If there is a list of compatible PDA, and small computing devices please let me know.

Will native inferno run on a PCMCIA 104, from Intelec Technologies, Inc. (http://www.mcs.net/~intelec/products.html)?  This board with a 486 SMOS CARD I/O can look just like a PC.  Is anyone trying this in-house.

In previous "Will inferno run on..." questions, I asked about the Envoy 150 (Motorola 68349, 32-bit, 16mhz), Marco (RISC, ARM 610), and the Apple Newton.  I heard some rumors that Inferno will run on the Apple Newton, but no positive confirmations.

If anyone wants to invest about $250,000 dollars, I will stop asking these "Will inferno run on..." questions, and just get the parts for the research, then another $250,000 to build a prototype.  Until then, I will keep asking, and keep looking for information. Thanks gain for you time.

If people want to email me direct, I will compile a list, and provide it back to the group.

Justin (jhitt@osn.net)

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