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Re: unsubscribe inferno ?!

Perhaps it would be more effective if you sent your request to the
list server (listserv@artnet.com.br) rather than to everyone on the
mailing list.

_____________________________FORWARDED MESSAGE _____________________________

Hi all,

The inferno mailing list has been moved to

If you subscribed until Fri Mar  7 22:38:27 1997, interstice local time,
no actions are needed, else send mail to "listserv@artnet.com.br"
with the following line in the body of your email:

subscribe inferno

If you have any problem, contact owner-inferno@artnet.com.br.



> Item Subject: cc:Mail Text
>      you wrote:
>      Per your request
>              "unsubscribe inferno"
>      'GREGOR_OVERNEY@HP-PaloAlto-om2.om.hp.com' was NOT FOUND on the 
>      'inferno' mailing list.
>      Please unsubscribe me from your listserver. My e-mail address is 
>      gregor_overney@hp.com which my UNIX-box extends to the above e-mail 
>      address.
>      Thanks.