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Re: bind() and mount() confusion

Regarding the recent posting...

>From porttikivi@dlc.fi Tue Mar 11 03:20:17 1997
28 lines deleted....
>Contentwise one thing is missing, though: the concept of the computable
>name spaces is not explained properly.
35 lines deleted.

A brief ``whitepaper'' on Inferno Name Spaces is undergoing
final edit and conversion to HTML.
It should appear on the Lucent Inferno web-site in a day or so.

The paper addresses many of the topics mentioned in the email.
There are also several figures that should illustrate bind and mount semantics.
I hope that the Inferno community finds it helpful.

Steven R. Breitstein	MH 2F-241	908-582-3497	breitstein@lucent.com