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Re: New Site

>I'm also having problems... the registration page is the same but the intro
>page says the software is available now (22:00 PST)

I've been able to download it (01:30 EST), but when I tried it out
emu reported being BETA.2 build 16 and not version 1.0.
I downloaded the Linux binaries.  The documentation seems to be the same
as BETA.2, but I haven't inspected the main filesystem yet.
I'd recommend waiting a day or two before downloading it.  It looks like 
the files pointed to in the download page haven't been updated (assuming 
the 1.0 files have been uploaded), or at least that the URLs haven't been
changed to point to the new files.

Like an idiot, I deleted the beta before downloading the presuambly
new version, so I can't even do a simple file size comparison to check
if the stuff is different.