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This list is closing

Due to time constraints, I will no longer be able to run the Inferno
mailing list. Handling the administrative matters that come with running a
majordomo list takes several hours a week, and now that there are two
newsgroups devoted to Inferno I hope they can fill the same purpose as this
list for the past six months.

If someone wants to start a mailing list to replace this one, it shouldn't
be difficult to find an Internet provider who will host the list using
majordomo or listserv software. Feel free to send me e-mail at
rogers@prefect.com if you need advice in this regard.

Thanks for participating in this list and helping to get the two
Inferno-related newsgroups started. If your Usenet service does not offer
these yet, make sure to request them: comp.os.inferno and comp.lang.limbo.

After the next week has passed, I will be closing down the list. It will
not be necessary for anyone to unsubscribe, though you can do so by sending
e-mail to majordomo@interstice.com with "unsubscribe inferno" as the only
text in the body of the message.