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comp.os.inferno passes 186:14

           unmoderated group comp.os.inferno passes 186:14

There were 186 YES votes and 14 NO votes, for a total of 200 valid votes.
There was 1 abstain.

For group passage, YES votes must be at least 2/3 of all valid (YES and NO)
votes.   There also must be at least 100 more YES votes than NO votes.

There is a five day discussion period after these results are posted.  If no
serious allegations of voting irregularities are raised, the moderator of
news.announce.newgroups will create the group shortly thereafter.

Newsgroups line:
comp.os.inferno		The Inferno network operating system from Lucent.

The voting period closed at 23:59:59 UTC, 21 Feb 1997.

This vote was conducted by a neutral third party.  Direct questions
about the proposed group to the proponent.  Do not distribute this CFV or the
information contained in it in any form without the votetaker's permission.

Proponent: Rogers Cadenhead <rogers@prefect.com>
Proponent: Qusay H. Mahmoud <k3is@unbsj.ca>
Proponent: Grey <gangli@webzonecom.com>
Proponent: Eric Grosse <ehg@research.bell-labs.com>
Proponent: Jean-David Marrow <pachydrm@ix.netcom.com>
Proponent: Jerry Lee Pearson <jpearson@JLC.net>
Proponent: Piroz Mohseni <mohseni@lucent.com>
Votetaker: Jani Patokallio <jpatokal@alpha.hut.fi>

RATIONALE: comp.os.inferno

Now that its developers kit is available on the World Wide Web,
the Inferno operating system should be considered for its own
discussion area on Usenet. Inferno was developed by Bell
Labs, the organization that pioneered both C and UNIX. The
Inferno mailing list is thriving, and Inferno continues
to be discussed on groups such as comp.lang.java.misc,
comp.lang.java.advocacy and comp.os.plan9.

A survey of comp.lang.java, comp.lang.java.misc and
comp.lang.java.advocacy on Dejanews finds 134 messages that mention
Inferno. Another 186 messages about Inferno were found in the
comp.os.plan9 newsgroup.

The proponents of this newsgroup, as listed at the end of this
document, believe that Inferno has proven its suitability for
a new Usenet group.

CHARTER: comp.os.inferno

The comp.os.inferno newsgroup is devoted to discussions of the
Inferno operating system, developed by Bell Labs, and related issues.

Examples of relevant postings would include, but not be
limited to, the following subjects:

* Bug reports
* Inferno software announcements
* Reviews of Inferno as compared to other operating systems
* Suggestions for Inferno developers
* Requests for help from new Inferno users

The newsgroup is not moderated, but messages that qualify as net
abuse according to the standards established in
news.admin.net-abuse.misc are subject to deletion. This includes
make-money-fast messages, Shergold card requests and messages that
exceed the Breidbart Index regarding excessive multiple postings.


comp.os.inferno Final Vote Ack

Voted Yes
a82@iwd.uni-bremen.de                                             Henner Gratz
adam@math.tau.ac.il                                              Adam Morrison
adam@paramedx.demon.co.uk                                          Adam Lovick
adisaacs@mtu.edu                                               Andrew Isaacson
adric@mindspring.com                                 Ben S. Knowles&nbsp;</DT>
aflundi@sandia.gov                                                 Alan Lundin
amdraht!mfx@DasBuro.Com                                       Markus Freericks
amk@magnet.com                                                 Andrew Kuchling
anothy@dante.mh.lucent.com                                      Anthony Sorace
antonio.pedro@portugal.ncr.com                             Antonio Pedro Silva
arnold@colorstar.com                                         Arnold D. Robbins
Arnold_Abalos@brown.edu                                          Arnold Abalos
arons@panix.com                                                  Stephen Arons
Arthur.Chance@Smallworld.co.uk                                   Arthur Chance
ASAWH@UAA.ALASKA.EDU                                      asawh@uaa.alaska.edu
Axel.Belinfante@cs.utwente.nl                                  Axel Belinfante
BALAJI@platinum.com                                           Balaji Srinivasa
bansod@edm.net                                                   Aditya Bansod
bedmonds@cs.ubc.ca                                               Brian Edmonds
Bengt.Kleberg@uab.ericsson.se                                    Bengt Kleberg
beyler@lucent.com                                                  Eric Beyler
blowrey@pinnsoft.com                                              Bryan Lowrey
boldt@cardinal.math.ucsb.edu                                        Axel Boldt
bonomi@delta.ece.nwu.edu                                         Robert Bonomi
bri@blah.math.tu-graz.ac.at                                         Brian Ward
brucec@bigboy74.West.Sun.COM                                      bruce carter
brucee@dante.mh.lucent.com                                         Bruce Ellis
caves@yorvic.york.ac.uk                                              Leo Caves
chetan@celtech.com                                               Chetan Sharma
chris@dev.infomkt.ibm.com                                 Christopher A. Smith
chriseb@nortel.ca                                               Chris Ebenezer
ckk@hedgehog.df.lth.se                                     Christian Kullander
clarisse@lucent.com                                           Olivier Clarisse
clwill@iquest.net                                               C. L. Williams
coleman@chez-gnu.cstp.umkc.edu                                    Mike Coleman
crosby@nordsieck.cs.colorado.edu                                Matthew Crosby
David.Lukes@bzw.com                             Lukes, David FID (LDN) Systems
dbk@dante.mh.lucent.com                                         Donald Knudsen
dc@panix.com                                                 David W. Crawford
dcrudup@sure.net                                               De Tavio Crudup
de5@sws5.ctd.ornl.gov                                                Dave Sill
deadlock@one.net                                            DeadLock the Feral
dhessler@keystonenet.com                                  David C. Hessler Sr.
doc@isr.umd.edu                                                David Chancogne
dogcow@us.itd.umich.edu                                           Tom Spindler
dough@ft-b.isc-br.com                                              Doug Hockin
dplewis@worldnet.att.net                                       Darrin P. Lewis
dragon@tenetwork.com                                              Norman Morse
ds@cafemail.symantec.com                                          D'Arcy Smith
dungus@hempseed.com                                                Chris Yokum
dwallace@dmv.com                                                  Dave Wallace
ehg@bell-labs.com                     Eric Grosse <ehg@research.bell-labs.com>
erhodes@ctron.com                                                Edward Rhodes
ericvh@dante.mh.lucent.com                                 Eric Van Hensbergen
ETXS.ETXBRJN@MESMTPSE.ericsson.se                               Bror Johansson
fgergo@eik.bme.hu                                             Gergely Fodemesi
forsyth@plan9.cs.york.ac.uk                                    Charles Forsyth
fst@real.com                                     Fariborz \"Skip\" Tavakkolian
fwmiller@cs.umd.edu                                            Frank W. Miller
gangli@webzonecom.com                                                  gang li
gonzo@ing.puc.cl                                              Gonzalo Diethelm
greig@sickkids.on.ca                                          David Iain Greig
haahr@netcom.com                                                    Paul Haahr
harri.johansson@hpy.fi                                         Harri Johansson
hopwood@zetnet.co.uk                                             David Hopwood
hsauer@marnie.teuto.de                                           Henning Sauer
ianb@jumper.mcc.ac.uk                                             Ian Beckwith
ianbruce@lucent.com                                                  Ian Bruce
imurdock@lib.purdue.edu                                            Ian Murdock
janus@cwo.com                                                      Keith Adams
jays@panix.com                                                  Jay Sulzberger
jaz@itvcorp.com                                 Joe Zott</bigger></fontfamily>
jfm@winternet.com                                                    Jim Miner
jgallach@mgl.ca                                                James Gallacher
jhitt@osn.net                                                   Justin W. Hitt
jhuang@dante.mh.lucent.com                                      Jules G. Huang
jjd@primenet.com                                                James J. Davis
jkalat@ix.netcom.com                                                John Kalat
jm@mime.univ-paris8.fr                                              Jean Mehat
jmillar@iris.com                                                 Joseph Millar
jmw@research.att.com                                                Jim Wilson
johan.wikman@research.nokia.com                          Wikman Johan  NRC/Hki
jolomo@netcom.com                                                   Joe Morris
julesd@fwb.gulf.net                                               Jules Dubois
jwa@rfc.comm.harris.com                                        Matthew S. Ring
kboyes@multipath.com                                               Kevin Boyes
kdg@sco.com                                                     Kurt Gollhardt
ken@digitas.harvard.edu                                               Ken Shan
kerch@parc.xerox.com                                           Berry Kercheval
Kevin.Mayes@mailhost.dpie.gov.au                                     Kev Mayes
khardy@ips.iac.honeywell.com                                       Keith Hardy
kimdv@netcom.com                                                  Kim DeVaughn
kmckinla@ochin.on.ca                                        Kenneth I McKinlay
koshy@india.hp.com                                              A JOSEPH KOSHY
larryr@dante.mh.lucent.com                                           Larry Rau
lbfrede@qdot.qld.gov.au                                      Laust Frederiksen
les@mail.csh.rit.edu                                             Les Rosenberg
llechelle@teaser.fr                                           Laurent LECHELLE
lutherh@stratcom.com                                            Luther Huffman
lvirden@cas.org                                                Larry W. Virden
magnus@ii.uib.no                                             Magnus Y Alvestad
marks@sgi.elec.uq.edu.au                                         Mark F Schulz
Markus.Friedl@informatik.uni-erlangen.de                         Markus Friedl
mccoskey@nidlink.com                Mark David McCoskey <mccoskey@nidlink.com>
mcjones@pa.dec.com                                             Paul R. McJones
mcmay@expert-market.com                                            Matthew May
mharriso@utdallas.edu                                          Mark A Harrison
mig@plan9.bell-labs.com                                         Matt Greenwood
mike@bell-labs.com                                       Michael Scott Baldwin
mike_trogni@il.us.swissbank.com                                    Mike Trogni
miller@hamnavoe.demon.co.uk                                     Richard Miller
mmissire@best.com                                                 Marc Missire
mmjmc@cc.flinders.edu.au                                           J.M.Cooling
mp@mail2.nai.net                                                   Mark Patton
mtpins@isca.uiowa.edu                                           Michael T Pins
mzimmerm@worldchat.com                                        Milan Zimmermann
nawaz921@cs.uidaho.edu                                            faried nawaz
neb@kdps.com                                                        Ben Singer
nicole@dante.mh.lucent.com                                   Nicole M. Maltese
nir@nsof.co.il                                                       Nir Peleg
nistler@millcomm.com                                              John Nistler
nknauft@lucent.com                                                Nancy Knauft
nms@nns.ru                                                      Nickolay Saukh
nuntz@asi.fr                                                      Nicolas Untz
og@stardivision.de                                             Otfried Geffert
oliva@dcc.unicamp.br                                           Alexandre Oliva
os@cs.utwente.nl                                                 Daniel van Os
pachydrm@ix.netcom.com                                       JEAN-DAVID MARROW
paxil@cancom.net                                                Trevor Tymchuk
peter@taronga.com                                               Peter da Silva
peter_huang@hp.com                                                 Peter Huang
phil@vision25.demon.co.uk                                            Phil Hunt
pmc@asgard.hr                                               Marin Purgar - PMC
porttikivi@dlc.fi                         Anssi Porttikivi <porttikivi@dlc.fi>
pphalen@crl.com                                                 Patrick Phalen
pw@cacs.usl.edu                                           Pirawat Watanapongse
qua@research.bell-labs.com                                             gin qua
quentin@dvorak.amd.com                                        Quentin Fennessy
ralf@mailhost.uni-koblenz.de                                      Ralf Baechle
ralph@ycrdi.com                                                     Ralph Muha
rogers@prefect.com                                             Rogers Cadenhead
recdmj@arhsgi1.uni-c.dk                                          Dan M. Jensen
rgg@dune.tid.es                                             Raul Garcia Garcia
richard@stiennon.com                                          Richard Stiennon
rnarang@fir.fbc.com                                              Rajeev Narang
robby@epc.co.uk                                                 Robert Raschke
rog@ohm.york.ac.uk                                                 Roger Peppe
rpagano@ibm.net                                                  Robert Pagano
rsb@reclus.nhh.no                                                 Roger Bivand
rsc@research.att.com                                                  Russ Cox
rsi@lucent.com                                                    Rajappa Iyer
sape@styx.huygens.org                                        Sape J. Mullender
sar@plc.com                                                       Stephen Rago
schwartz@cse.psu.edu                                            Scott Schwartz
shankar@dnrc.bell-labs.com                               Shankar Narayanaswamy
sharma@dante.mh.lucent.com             Ravi Sharma <ravi.sharma@bell-labs.com>
simon@dlib.com                                                   Simon J Lewis
slk@karpes.stu.rpi.edu                                            Simon Karpen
slobo@mirto.datsi.fi.upm.es                                        Sergio Lobo
smithp@ece.sc.edu                                                  Peter Smith
spaone@lucent.com                                                    Sam Paone
spf@lucent.com                                                 Steven P. Frank
srb@dante.mh.lucent.com                                   Steven R. Breitstein
stamper@stamper.com                                              Chris Stamper
steve@border.com                                             Steve Kotsopoulos
stuhlmacher@lucent.com                                     James R Stuhlmacher
sward@clark.net                                                    David Sward
tad@chico-low.csh.rit.edu                                             Tad Hunt
taweil@skat.usc.edu                                                  Ta-Wei Li
tbos@cs.utwente.nl                                                    Ties Bos
tell@cs.unc.edu                                                   Stephen Tell
thetrekguy@aol.com                                              Bradford Brown
thogard@not.abnormal.com                                            Tim Hogard
tpk@sensorsys.com                                                Ted Kochanski
trail@ix.netcom.com                                             Jeff Trestrail
trhoats@enter.net                                              Thomas R. Hoats
tysonb@pionet.net                                            Tyson Boellstorff
willite@uf9623p01.DallasTX.ncr.com                           Terry R. Williams
woods@planix.com                                                 Greg A. Woods
wstuart@hdvs.com                                                William Stuart
yanuklis@mhv.net                                               Thomas Yanuklis
zed@cjnetworks.com                                                 Ned Fleming
zot@ampersand.com                                                  Mark Atwood

Voted No
afabbro@umich.edu                                                Andrew Fabbro
booda@datasync.com                                             Martin H. Booda
gchapman@irus.rri.uwo.ca                                          Greg Chapman
jeb27@cam.ac.uk                                                James Broughton
jsi@idiom.com                                                    Michael Craft
marquez@pacbell.net                                              Aaron Marquez
mhatz@raven.phs.com                                                  Mike Hatz
nick@inferno.fc.hp.com                                          Nick Ingegneri
olav@viking.mv.com                                             Olav Nieuwejaar
patl@lcs.mit.edu                                           Patrick J. LoPresti
rick@bcm.tmc.edu                                             Richard H. Miller
simon@darkmere.gen.nz                                              Simon Lyall
stainles@bga.com                                                  Dwight Brown
tlawson@asu.edu                                                 Todd C. Lawson

natalie@col.hp.com                                              Natalie Ramsey


In addition to the groups named in the Newsgroups: header, the CFV
and the eventual RESULT posts will be mailed to these mailing lists:

    inferno <inferno@interstice.com>

Jani Patokallio <jpatokal@alpha.hut.fi>
Voting address: <voting@hut.fi>