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inferno and Mass-Storage System


  after reading all (all i can grab) docs about inferno and limbo, i
to ask a few questions regarding usage of limbo for our project.
We (the Data Management Group) are working in a High-Energy Physics Lab
in Hamburg/Germany (similiar to FermiLab or SLAC) and plan to start a
project to create a complete new Mass Storage System (managing millions
of files with several 100 TB in total size) primarily dealing with
large tape robot-libraries (STK, Ampex, GRAU). The system we are
using is a collection of several server processes distributed around
several machines (Suns, SGI Challenge DM and SGI Origin 2000).

A few months ago we start to look at java as the best candidate to map
ideas into real running code. The result seems okay, but there are still
a few drawbacks. Around December i got noticed about inferno and grab
i can get to start looking at it.

The constrains we have (mostly regarding 'old' interface code) are the

   interface to existing (embedded DB code in C)
             (it is also possible to use something else acting as a
              persistent store with some fast query options)
   inferface to robot hardware through vendor supplied ONC-RPC based
   interface to (SCSI connected) tape drives through User-Level SCSI
                (a C written library)

I haven't seen (so far) a way to connect these to inferno processes.
We would like to serv most of the above things through a Styx
therefor i need to create a separate UNIX process which acts as a
from Styx to something else - How we can do this ???

Is it planned to have an IRIX version running on IRIX 6.4 or higher ??

All other things could be perfectly done using inferno, big deal !!!

Thanxs in advance

      Martin Gasthuber   Deutsches Elektronen Synchrotron, DESY Hamburg
 Notkestrasse 85, 22607 Hamburg/Germany  49-40-8998/2564 Fax
              martin@viper.desy.de      Martin.Gasthuber@desy.de